5 Ways a Quantity Surveyor Will Help with Your Construction Planning


A construction project is an immense undertaking whether you're building your home or large civil structures. Quantity surveyors have the right skills to help you plan appropriately throughout this process. Their input can help you minimise risks and meet your project goals as shown below.

1. They help you choose the right project

First, a quantity surveyor can help you embark on the right project by carrying out feasibility studies and utilising their work experience. They can evaluate the needs behind the project and advise you on the type of construction that best aligns with your needs. They can also help you understand deeper construction impacts such as construction guidelines in different areas, property tax and the maintenance needs of different design options post construction. Thanks to this input, you can decisively narrow down what you need to build, the design and the materials to use.

2. They help with budget planning

Finance is critical in construction. A quantity surveyor can help you tailor your budget in various ways. They can help you source the funding you need to kick start your development. Then, they can prepare a detailed list of building materials and labor expenditure to help you allocate enough funding to each. They will also monitor construction design changes during the build and advice on you how each will affect your budget so that you can prepare adequately, especially where your budget is likely to shoot upwards.

3. They help avoid delays during construction

By alerting you on how changes in construction will affect costs and materials, a quantity surveyor gives you the head start you need to plan for financing and procurement of the said materials. This reduces the likelihood of your project stalling midway. You therefore avoid delays and keep your build moving to the very end as per your initial projections.

4. They help cut costs

To save money, a quantity surveyor will advice you on which materials you should use for your build. They can draw up cost guidelines and show you how different constructions designs and materials compare in regards to financing. They can also confer with your architect(s) on how to maximize material use through different design applications. Lastly, they can negotiate on your behalf when sourcing materials or labor.

5. They help with purchasing  

To help you plan adequately when purchasing, a quantity surveyor will identify suitable suppliers, prepare tender contracts, and in some cases, recommend suppliers, contractors and other service providers. They will also draft a list of the materials needed, with their specifications and quantities. With your permission, they can also handle the complete tendering process on your behalf.

As you can see the input of a quantity surveyor is comprehensive  It also has far-reaching impacts on every aspect of your build. Needless to say, quantity surveyors like Just Depreciation are integral for the successful planning of a construction process.


15 May 2015

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